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About UNO

It is a company that was born in August 2018 in Chile belonging to the Omnex Group, which seeks to meet the needs of immigrants within a social environment, reducing the cost of sending their remittances through a collection through their own offices and related agents . Uno Money is a subsidiary of Omnex Group, which has more than 20 years of experience in the money transfer business, with more than 35 licenses granted by each of the States in which it operates in North America, works with Banks Allies in the United States, Chile and Argentina. Within the Good Governance and Risk Control practices there is not only highly qualified personnel in control and prevention of all types of risks but also systems and processes audited and endorsed by American and local authorities.

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El crecimiento del negocio

Constant support

  • Continuous training in system (Virtual Platform) and in prevention of crimes of money laundering, terrorism financing and other crimes contemplated in the law.

  • Leading technology combined with an agent service center available every day from 09:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

  • Marketing support to increase the flow of customers and sales.

Hombre con clave

The opportunity to increase revenue in your business

  • Attract a new group of customers.

  • Strengthen the loyalty of your customers.

  • Offer a service that complements your portfolio.

  • Increase your commercial profits.

  • Be part of a leading money transfer company.

En el teléfono

Normative compliance

  • Manages ML / FT prevention and crime prevention programs.

  • Continuous monitoring of transactions made.

  • Continuous and personalized support to agencies on compliance issues.

Contact us

Dr. Manuel Barros Borgoño 71, Ofi. 507

+ 562-29298540

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